• Kalyn Hill

Starting Our Mortgage Free Journey

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

My family and I, (mostly myself) have been considering "tiny home living". After gaining my background in Architectural Drafting and Design I've been obsessed with the idea of building our own small home. Not quite considered a "tiny" home, but a small humble home for our family of three. There is always hopes of a little one coming along, but that is not yet in the plan. However, we can pray, hope and plan ahead for the possibility of having a baby brother/sister for our 5 year-old daughter - going on 16...

Tiny living with kids seems somewhat crazy, but we are a very tight-knit crew. We genuinely do enjoy being around each other.. but there are always those moments where you need your own space!

The biggest motivation for living in a smaller space for our whole family is the hope of living a debt-free life. That to us, is the ultimate feeling of freedom. Having the creativity and motivation to bring this all together for us is key. We have to keep the idea of the feeling of freedom as the drive to get this going!

We had almost went through the process of buying our first home with a $100,000 mortgage, and found that with that budget we would not even be close to what we desire within a space.. This makes the idea of building our own home, even more desirable. Originally the idea was to buy and fix up our first place and make a profit to be able to build. Now, were skipping that entire idea...

We've decided to do something completely unordinary.. We moved out of our rental house where we raised our first child for five years, and moved in with my mom. - I know what you're thinking - "NO WAY would I be able to do that!".... It's not that bad, my husband actually gets along great with my mom. My daughter has a built-in grandparent (nothing better than that in her eyes). And we can really help each other out financially, along with getting my mom's home renovations taken care of.

There is an abandoned house beside my moms adorable cape-cod like home, that is a major eye-sore. I fell in love with the idea of fixing it up while we live with my mother! Upon investigation it is available to buy for $2,700 along with a .85 acre to go with it.. we also believe the foundation is in decent condition.. (fingers crossed!)

I can't beat the price though! I have plans already set within my mind, sketched roughly on paper maybe 50 times now.. I have yet to have time to design the plans into 3D software, but am so excited to start my own remodeling journey! We plan to do as much as the construction as possible on our own with my husbands collection of tooling and woodworking knowledge. I will fill you in what we were capable of doing and what we weren't able to do on our own.

I have a meeting to officially be able to start demolition on the house on April 17th (which will be my birthday present, perfect timing)! I'm planning on updating as much as possible on this journey with everyone. Before and after pictures will be shown on here, and my design plan as soon as I get it together! Wish us luck!!

Can you even imagine what I can make out of this shack on a typical foundation? - As crazy as it sounds, I see so much potential!

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