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What to Expect with my Design Services

I decided to write a post with more information on how I offer my design services. So far I've found that this is the best way for me to help my clients through the design process.

All my services are available online with no need to visit the home. Although, I can also do a visit in-home (with a traveling fee). I also do online video chats to better understand the space, which works just as well!

I will keep in touch with clients through the entire process, asking more questions if necessary to get the design just right for them within their new space.

The Design Consultation:

First I ask the client(s) what space they are remodeling or adding on to. Then I ask the client to either send me a rough sketch of the existing space (with window/door locations that are staying) with simple measurements. As long as we are within 1" your remodel will be fine! But we strive for a 1/2" tolerance.

If it's just an exterior home model there is no need for sketches, I will only ask for a photo to work off of! Unless there is a new door or add-on location, we will need more information.

I also have a service for locals to come measure for them. The only fee is for the miles traveled at .50 cents per mile from my location. The measuring service is free if getting a floor plan or model design from me!

(I will post a picture of a sketch from a client, sent from a picture of the sketch off their phone.)

Then we discuss a budget of what they wish to stay under. I also be asking you on preferences like where you would like to purchase the cabinets from and make suggestions based on the budget.

Then it's time for the fun part! I get a better idea of their preferred design styles (for example farmhouse, modern, or traditional). Along with what they want to better utilize their space for!

Remodeling Floor Plans:

Once, I have the rough sketch and measurements from the client I can give them an estimate on their space. My prices for contractor-ready floor plans are $1.00 per square foot. So, if you have a room that is 450 square feet the floor plans will only be $450.00!

You will first receive my hand drawn floor plan (to scale) and we can make changes back and fourth on those drawings until they are just right! The changes will be up to 3 times for free, after that I will add on a fee based on how large the change will be, or for free if it is a very small change.

Then once the drawings are approved by you I will move onto the contractor-ready floor plans!

These plans will be contractor-ready but may need an engineer to review to remove a load-bearing wall or an planing comity to review for new builds depending on your location and design purpose. This will be covered with you in the consultation process.

3D Model of your Renovated Area:

The Modeling Prices Include a floor plan with dimensions as well!

Right now modeling design prices are at $1.00-$1.50 per sq ft of renovated area, but unfortunately will go up over-time as they are very low for these services.

The 3D models greatest purpose is to visualize your remodel with colors and materials chosen, along with understanding the layout of the space better.

You will first receive a hand-drawn (to scale) floor plan of your space based off of owners basic drawing and dimensions. We can change and arrange these floor plans up to 3 times for free (then you may be charged a reasonable fee for any additional large changes).

Once approved by the client (owner) I will start the modeling process! The model will also have a floor plan with dimensions to work from!

I will ask the clients more about where they will want to purchase materials and cabinets choices from (if there is a preference). Along with what colors or design style they are looking for within their space, if not already discussed and covered in the free design consultation.

Once you see your model design, you can change colors and materials up to 2 times for free! So, you can see your cabinets or siding with 2 different color choices! - That's fun... Any additional changes will have a reasonable fee based on what is being changed.


The exterior prices are the same for models, but for the vertical square footage of just the exterior elevations getting modeled. Modeling prices are $1.00-$1.50 depending on the extent and purpose of your model. You will be quoted once I better understand your design purpose.

*These prices will unfortunately go up over time

I modeled these barn materials for a client in this picture below. We were only needing to view the two sides. So I only charged her for the two sides which came to be 301 sq ft. (the height times the width for each side, then added the two sides). This was a simple rendering (showing no grass) with one custom model of a barn door (which was made on-site by Amish contractors by the way, but without the windows). It turned out great!

For this rendering it was only $1.10 per sq ft @ 301 sq ft which equals $331.10.

Existing Floor Plan Visuals:

These are for the purpose of floor plan layouts for your own purposes. Some people have only wanted a floor plan for the purpose of art!

These are simple but great-looking floor plans for the purpose of reselling your home to people looking to buy. It's an added bonus to buyers to be able to see the floor plan of the home before they go to see it.

These can also be fire-escape plans for a business!

I'm doing plans like this for .25 cents per sq ft of the space being drawn! I can easily work off of client sketches of the space as they do not need to be perfect to show they layout.

If you have any questions at all about my services or to better make sense of what I am offering, please leave me a message and I'll answer as best as I can!

The easiest way to leave a message is through my FB page or on my home portfolio page messaging service through my website!

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