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Professional Freelance Designer

2013 - Associates of Science in Architectural Drafting and Design

Pittsburgh Technical College

2013-2014 Cadnetics - Pittsburgh, PA


- Surveying Commercial Buildings

- BIM Technology 

- Laser Scanning Surveyor

- Revit 3D Designer

2014-2018 C-M Services - McMurray, PA

Architectural & Engineering Draftswoman

-Extensive knowledge of ADA accessibility guidelines

-Extensive knowledge of Building Codes

2018-Present - Professional Freelance Designer

-Specializing in Floor Plan layout and functionality

-Specializing in wheel-chair accessible designs (ADA)

-Layout & materials designer

-Remodeling new space configurations

-Exterior Renovation Planning

2019-2020 -Architectural Drafting with Hancock Architecture -Rochester, PA

-Assistance beneath an architect with all his design needs part-time basis

2021-Present - Kitchen/Bathroom Designer with Hutch & Home - Beaver Falls, PA

-Assistance with client needs, remodeling, design planning, and project management on a part-time basis

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